Narcotics, Drug Charge and Criminal Lawyer
Narcotics, Drug Charge and Criminal Lawyer
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Narcotics and Drug
Charge Lawyer Surrey

In Canada, controlled substances are regulated by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (“CDSA”). It includes all minor and major drug offences, including simple possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, and the importation of controlled substances.

Narcotic offences or drug charges are a very intricate area of the law. It is a highly litigious and an evolving area of the law that requires lawyers to be well-versed in latest jurisprudence involving the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. For instance, many cases will hinge on police actions, including whether they have the requisite grounds for a stop and search, search and seizures without a warrant, search and seizures pursuant to a warrant and other sophisticated police investigative techniques. At Gill + Gill, we are experienced and trained in spotting Charter violations and will pursue and seek every avenue for a legal remedy.

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  • Would highly recommend not using these lawyers. They will charge the most they can and do literally the most minimal amount of work on your case.

    GDI Commando Avatar GDI Commando
    April 11, 2023
  • First off, the lady at the reception was very rude and judgemental. Wasn't welcoming at all. And the lawyers themselves are over priced and basically stretch the process a lot more so they can keep charging you and keep taking your money for doing a basic paperwork that you can do yourself. I highly don't recommend them.

    Garnet Samuel Avatar Garnet Samuel
    October 11, 2023
  • Raj Gill deals with the matter at hand very professionally, listens patiently and has the ability to come up with ingenious solutions. He deals in a very friendly way and makes you comfortable in the otherwise complex and stressful world of law. I would highly recommend him if you want to have your case handled professionally while being at ease discussing anything with your lawyer.

    Jupinder Chauhan Avatar Jupinder Chauhan
    July 27, 2019
  • Gurjit Sohal- best lawyer in town! She was so helpful with my case, always provided us with details needed and always made sure we understood all aspects of our case. She treated me more like a family than just a client. we are 100% satisfied. Thank you so much Gurjit! Really appreciate all your efforts for my case.

    Jaslin Kaur Avatar Jaslin Kaur
    August 25, 2021
  • Gill & Gill has a very strong legal team that works together so that you receive the expertise of many different areas of law. I felt the whole firm was behind me in the worst time of my life. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable and responsive firm. Mrs. Gill and Mandy are particularly noteworthy, and made themselves available in an emergency situation.

    Jessica Bedore Avatar Jessica Bedore
    November 11, 2023

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